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Deepening Our Practice with Medicine for the Earth - New Internet Offering

I have been writing the Transmutation News since 1998, and I am committed to continue writing the monthly column. I get quite a lot of feedback from readers all over the world that the monthly inspiration helps people to stay focused on the work to be positive changemakers in the world. And we have over 6,000 people from all over the world signed up to get the Transmutation News delivered to their inbox each month.

Our lessons are exponentially increasing and as time is speeding up sometimes we need more reminders of how to stay focused and on track with our spiritual work. I have decided to create a new online experience where I would talk about the material I have been writing about so we can deepen our spiritual work together.

When I wrote my book Medicine for the Earth I researched spiritual teachings that spoke to miraculous healings. And as I continue my research on this topic I keep being reminded that what I wrote about holds keys that so many spiritual traditions have been teaching for thousands of years. We just need to stay focused on the work to create positive changes.

The On-Line course will be for one hour every other month beginning in April 2012. The course will take place on a Sunday at 11 AM Mountain Standard Time. In this way people in other countries will be able to watch and/or listen to my talk live.    

                                                                              - Sandra Ingerman