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Let's talk about community. Let's talk about generosity. In mid-March, I sent out my biannual "news" note, an email of updates that goes out to about 450 folks hand-sifted from all the correspondence I've accumulated over the previous six months. It's an exhaustive gesture, because I...
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In I Was the Jukebox, I set out with the goal of writing away from the biographical self. These poems speak as sand, as orchids, as Egyptian gods. In “You Were You,” which yields the collection’s title phrase, the speaker’s displaced self becomes a barroom jukebox. Her beloved shares the bar—with...
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[This essay was written in March 2009, over at my blog Chicks Dig Poetry, at the urging of fellow Red-Roomer Amy King, and in response to David Orr's essay "The Great(ness) Game," which appeared in the New York Times.]    Anyone who has spent time in a debating society (guilty) recognizes...
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