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It's been a mighty long time since I posted here.  And I feel kind of bad, because I love Red Room.  I think it's a fabulous forum full of amazing people.  But, I've been busy.  Is a writer ever not? My screenplay, my "baby", is getting some love.  I am beyond thrilled, though we are...
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I haven't been as diligent about blogging here as I should.  However, I've been blogging just about everywhere else (not that I don't love my RedRoom space...I've simply spread myself a little thin).  If you are interested, or need to kill some time, please visit my daily blog, RUAWAKE.  If you are...
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It seems we should all be Twittering.  Care to "follow" along?
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If you are interested in learning more about self-publishing (and will be in the LA area on September 17th), I hope you'll enroll in my class, Introduction to Self-Publishing held at the Bundy Campus of Santa Monica College. http://commed.smc.edu/index.cfm?fuseaction=1013&courseid=1000 Hope to...
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I'm excited to be teaching my first course on Self-Publishing this fall.  Intro to Self-Publishing will be a one-night seminar held at the Bundy Campus of Santa Monica College on September 17th.  Online enrollment will open on July 14th.  You can look for updates on the Events page of my website....
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I’ve always been a fan of Amazon. It’s a great place to buy books at two in the morning. You can throw in a CD, a toaster, or even an “As Seen on TV” product while you’re at it, most likely at a nice discount. You can “Look Inside!” novels or the latest self-help tome before you purchase. Read...
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“Why did you publish your book yourself?” I’ve been asked that a lot.  My answer:  Impatience.  That may not be the best reason to do it; in the end, I think it worked out for me.  Not perfectly.  Didn’t quite make the New York Times’ Best Sellers list.  Wasn’t invited to Oprah.  (Yet.)  Still, I...
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