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Samuel Bright's Writings

  I know a lady, who stole a man’s heart, Whose eyelids lured his soul to knit. With skillful pains she captured his hymn. In a crater of lustful orchestral, They sang away in abundant laughter. But as dusk nears to dawn, When the moon’s protruding rays alight, Orgasm and ecstasy expressed passion. Again and again like the whirling wind, When strength and...
  I never know what it feels Heart ache without You give your best Yet without commiserate attention You give with your deepest affection Still your dreams afar Life as it is No thought that one awaits The heart aches from waiting From exhaustion of patience Stretched beyond its limit again and again It hears the cliché… Does this exist? Still diverse hearts...
African literature with its themes and structural form has evolved over the years from its oral form of moonlight stories, folktales, legends and myths to being written in black and white conveying its rich experiences. It is therefore not out of place to maintain that African literature got its thematic and structural form from the dynamics of the society;...
I have often quizzed myself as to why we display certain attitudes in church. In as much as it is God’s house where liberty abounds, we are not supposed to abuse that privilege rather, we ought to enjoy such with a great deal of order.We seem to be too relaxed and lazy as to taking seriously the tenets of the kingdom concerning decorum and discipline. God is not...
Short Story
It is no longer news that the world is experiencing parts if not all of what Jesus described as signs of his second coming. While we are concerned about the seemingly big symbols of his return, such as earthquakes, wars, famines, persecutions (Matthew 24:6-7) , there are however the very silent ones that do the greater damage from the home front-Our family.   The...
Impact march
Let’s get it right!              The word Christian means Christ like and the first place it was mentioned was in the city of Antioch about 64 AD. It was used on a set of people who acted like Christ, no distinction. They spoke, behaved and more obvious was their out ward display of excellent character. Much more visible was their caring gesture towards one...
Impact February
      WHO ARE YOU SINGING fOR?       WHO ARE YOU SINGING FOR? Samuel Bright   I have always known true worship to be in spirit and in truth as taught by the master Jesus in John 4. But there is a tilting of that in what we experience in this wonderful age of speed as it is partly in “flesh and in pure deceit”. We longer need to pretend about this issue as it is...
Impact, October edition
  " Every woman is at risk of breast cancer and early detection is key to survival, examine yourself today" is a popular statement we get to hear everyday often broadcast by the media and other anti-cancer campaign agencies. As I listened consecutively to a particular local radio station's news broadcast, I discovered that I started to feel the...
IGNORANCE IS NO DEFENCE.   Ignorance, the night of the mind , a night without moon                                                                                                                    and stars,it renders a man stupid,It occupies spaces and causes foolishness.Ignorance is no defence,To the strong it renders  defences lessTo the poor it makes weak,...
Time waits for no body.wondering sometimes,how time goes.and we know not. Time waits for nobodysometimes the moon moves,And sometimes,the sun moves,but both never goes. Time waits for nobody,Even if we don't work, or we choose to be lazy,time still goes. Time waits for nobody.people die everyday, people are born everydayTHe world never goes.