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Questions God will not ask you.
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APOSTLE’S THOUGHTS AT 50.Don’t treat with levity what you are about to read, it is life! 

I mused as I heard my father in the Lord Apostle Anselm talked about his recent meditations as he celebrates his 50 years of existing on planet earth on the 28th of September 2008.For those who know him, they will agree with me that he is a humble man who reverence God without compromise. In fact at the height of his achievement in life, you will never believe that you don’t have to fill series of forms or wait in futility in long queues before you will see him. This is a surprise considering what other people would have done if they were to be in his shoes.


In obedience to God’s mandate to go into the world and preach the gospel, Apostle Anselm Madubuko has transversed the length and breadth of Europe, America, Africa and other places not even known yet, preaching the undiluted word of God. If you have heard him speak, you will know that this man of God is indeed living what he preaches. The unusual fervour and dexterity in which he dissect the word of God is astonishing this a times lives many liberated as they bask in the joy of God’s presence. Yet when he receives specific words from God that entails humbling the hearers and keeping them sober, he does not hesitate to unleash God’s warning to an immoral generation.

September 28th , 2008 , was one of such days. Venue: God’s church, Revival Assembly, Lagos, Nigeria. I call it Apostle’s thoughts at 50. We were indeed sober that day.


He had just come back from one of his preaching engagements outside the country and according to him he received a unique message from God while resting in his hotel room and thinking deeply about life.

He hinted that Money is nothing! That everything we are fighting for in this life namely; money, houses, and all those material things will not go to heaven with us they will all end here on earth. He said the reason why we live is because of heaven nothing else.


 His thoughts in expression “while in my hotel room, I began to think that why is it that when a child is born that child is the only one crying while those around him, the parents and their acquaintances are happy? It is because that child’s spirit has seen the troubles that will befall it in fifty years to come. Others are happy but it is not.”


He went ahead to read Ecclesiastes 4:2-8, “So I felt that the dead were better off than the living. And most fortunate of all are those who have never been born and have never seen all the evil and crime throughout the earth. Then I observed that the basic motive for success is the driving force of envy and jealousy! But this, too, is foolishness, chasing the wind. The fool won’t work and almost starves but feels that it is better to be lazy and barely get by, than to work hard, when in the long run it is all so futile. I also observed another foolishness around the earth. This is a case of a man who is quite alone, without a son or brother, yet he works hard to keep gaining more riches. And to whom will he leave it all, and why is he giving up much now? It is all so pointless and depressing.

He now went ahead to share the mail he received from somebody. Friends this is the message.




1. God will not ask you what kind of car or cars you drove, He will ask you how many people you drove who did not have transportation.


2. God will not ask you the square footage of your home. He will ask you how many people you welcomed into that home.


3. God will not ask you the designers cloth you have in your closet, He will ask you how many people you helped cloth.

4.God will not ask you how much your salaries was or how much you earn on earth, He will ask you how you compromised your character to get what you got.

5. God will not ask you what you job title was, he will ask you how you worked in the best of your ability.

6. God will not ask you how many friends you have, He will ask you to whom you were a friend.

7. God will not ask you in what neighbourhood you lived, He will ask you how you treated your neighbours. Can your neighbours testify about you as a Christian?

8. God will not ask you the colour of you skin He will ask you the content of your character.

9. He already knows what you will do with what you have heard.


Ponder on these thoughts and pass the message along to your friends this is life!