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King Solomon's '13'
King Solomon's '13'

Anthropologist PhD, Antonio Dominguez stumbles upon 3,000-year-old scrolls authored by King Solomon. Awaiting discovery, the Scrolls unlock the hidden Truths and a Key to saving Humanity from the cataclysmic End of Times.
Antonio’s encounter with the ancient treasure submerges him in deadly adventure spanning Science and Spirituality, bridging the gaps of Political and Cultural Truths throughout the History of Civilization.
The Doctor and Enchanting Mystic race against the clock as it ticks towards Doomsday, eluding OPERA and their cyber-claws of Oppression. The enemy’s Deadly Influence forces the Smoky Romance on a trek to scrutinize the Theories.
A Feel-Good-Story, the Journey masters facts of the 2012 Disaster Scenario with the growth of Individual Strength through Struggle and Relationships. Our Heroes represent the essential Dichotomy of Science and Spirit in a perilous Conquest for Truth and the Monatomic State.
Antonio and Amanda’s quest rattles with adversity, action, and personal battles. Humor and pure instinct weaves them through the threads of a fast-paced labyrinth with the vigor of a 20’s and wisdom of a 40’s something.
A marriage of science, alchemy, and spirituality – Can the adventure of love and humor transmutate modern and ancient beliefs to save Earth and Humanity from destined destruction?