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Why Should I Write for Free?


An author, just like a pastry shop or restaurant owner, gives her potential customers a free sample of her creation. If they like it, they'll come back for more. As an aspiring author, first and foremost, I write to hone my skills. Therefore, I blog about hot topics, hoping to connect with followers and fans. And maybe, at the end, my work and my name would be recognized in well-known publications.

I had spent two years looking for an agent and a publisher to represent and print my first book. After one of them told me my writing was not of the highest caliber to compete in the industry, I just wanted to crawl under a rock, stay there, and never come out. Then I picked myself up and dusted myself off to continue pouncing on the keyboard.  I even bought books and perused through blogs and websites to absorb all I could about literature.

 Not satisfied, I decided to apply and register for classes with one of the best schools in Chicago. Disappointingly, when my professor graded my papers, she consistently told me, "You don't write in standard idiomatic English." Whatever that means, OUCH! "Do I write like a person who is fresh off the boat from a foreign country?" I asked myself. I just wanted to jump into Lake Michigan right then and there. None of my friends and professionals I asked knew what "standard idiomatic English" meant. They probably lied to spare my feelings. Whatever the case, it will not deter me from fulfilling my dream as a professional writer. I appreciate her candor. 



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Appreciate her candor if you wish, but remember it's your voice, it's not her voice, it's your voice.

What a boring reading life we would all have if everyone sounded the same.

Don't forget to think about all the books you have read. Do they all sound the same? If so, explore authors you have not read. Some of the most popular authors use some very unique ways of saying things.

Be yourself.

Elaine E. Deyo
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Perfect English

Hello Elaine. Thank you for the comments. Yes, most books do sound the same. However, what I am most concerned about is being able to convey my thoughts clearly. As a result, when someone tells me I don't write in standard idiomatic English, I take it to mean my grammar and phrases are bad; you know, like a person who is just learning to speak English. Having been raised and lived in the United States for 30 years, that is a devastating blow to my ego. Sambath