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POP! Stand Out in Any Crowd!
From the author of Tongue Fu! comes a unique and inspiring guide to jumpstart creativity and make ideas POP! A powerful tool for entrepreneurs, businesspeople, authors, and anyone who wants to break out big, the POP! process is a fun, fascinating, strategic approach for making messages Purposeful, Original, and Pithy-to generate instant intrigue and word-of-mouth buzz.
Take the Bully by the Horns!
How often have you wished you knew how to defuse the difficult people who wreak havoc on your life? Whether it's a neighbor who keeps disturbing your peace, an employer who manipulates you into unpaid overtime, a spouse who criticizes and controls your every move, a colleague who uses scare tactics to intimidate you, or a student who teases your child without mercy, Take the Bully...
Tongue Fu! How to Deflect, Disarm, and Defuse Any Verbal Conflict
If you've ever been tongue-tied - or if you've ever given a tongue-lashing (and regretted it), Tongue Fu! offers constructive alternatives that will turn hostility into harmony and help you avoid a mental breakdown in the face of aggression. With straightforward strategies and proven techniques, Tongue Fu! examines almost every kind of verbal conflict - from fights with your spouse...