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What a pleasure it was being interviewed by Elizabeth Chang in the Washington Post Sunday Magazine.

The article, Author Profits with Perfect Pitch,starts with, "Sam Horn is an expert at getting noticed, professionally and personally. The author, speaker and consultant, whose latest book is about naming and pitching products, always wears a black hat, so people can easily spot her at crowded conventions."

Elizabeth's right. People at conferences often come up to me and say, "There you are! I'm writing a book (or developing a presentation) and so-and-so told me I had to talk to the ‘lady in the black hat.'" Since the point of POP! is to stand out in your crowd, it's nice to know I'm practicing what I'm teaching.

The article chronicled how I was inspired to develop the POP! Process after watching authors fail to favorably impress publishing decision-makers at the first Maui Writers Conference.

"The agents' and editors' eyes would glaze over and the writers would talk themselves out of a deal," Sam recalls. "She decided she could create a system for coming up with a pitch, title and tag line without 'spending a lot of money, having an MBA or sitting around and hoping creative lightning will strike."

The article ends with my heartfelt sentiments, "I feel incredibly fortunate. Every day, I get to work with people who thrill me and help them crystallize what they have to offer." Thanks for capturing how lucky I feel to help people get their ideas out of their head and into the world where they make a positive difference for others and a prosperous living for them.

As a follow-up to the interest generated by this article, I'm offering 3 POP! teleseminars open to the public in the next few weeks for a nominal fee.

If you have an idea, message, business venture or creative project you want to stand out from its crowd so it, as Ken Blanchard says about POP!, "gets heard, gets remembered, gets results," keep reading to find out more about our:

POP! Your Ideas teleseminar - Thurs. June 25
POP! Your Communication teleseminar - Wed. July 1
POP! Your Pitch & Proposal teleseminar - Mon. July 6

Sam lives and works on a lake near Washington, DC's Dulles Airport.

Sam's West Coast Business Manager, Cheri Grimm, operates out of California.

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Well, you sure got my notice

and congratulations on the review in the WaPo.