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Sam Barry and Todd Swenson Play the Theme from Black Orpheus (Manhã de Carnaval) and The Way You Look Tonight
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Fabulous! Thanks for making

Fabulous! Thanks for making my day extra special...

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Thank you!

Thank you, Mary!

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Marvelous, Sam, though I'm

Marvelous, Sam, though I'm having a little trouble with the transmission.

The two melodies complement each other, and of course, the history of BLACK ORPHEUS derives from Orson Welles' stay in Brazil in 1942. A few years ago, a visually ravishing widescreen Brazillian re-make, ORFEU, came and went without much due respect. A lot of the same music was used.

Carry on! I think that the harmonica may be my favorite instrument to listen to. I love it, also, in symphonic settings such as Ralph Vaughn Williams' "Romanza."

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