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I am getting married today, so I guess it’s time I tried on my suit. Hold on a second—I’ll be right back.

Okay, I tried it on and it looks pretty good. I’m relieved, because I bought the suit for this occasion. It took me fifteen minutes. I went to Macys, picked out two suits in ten minutes, tried 'em on, and chose one. I did have the pants altered, but I never checked the fit until a few minutes ago. In fact, I couldn’t find the pants for a moment. I also couldn’t find my tie, which turned up in a shopping bag with my fiancé’s special undergarment. I don’t know how it got in there, but I was relieved to find it, because all my other ties are old and stupid looking. I was also relieved that I still had that one nice white shirt.

So that’s my blog about getting dressed for this evening’s wedding. I got 126 words out of it. My fiancé Kathi Kamen Goldmark has also blogged about her wedding dress—or rather, her three wedding dresses, and the epic journey to deciding which one to wear tonight. Her wedding dress blog is more on your Russian novelist scale in terms of length, characters, and complexity. You’ve already forgotten what I said in the paragraph above; meanwhile, Hollywood producers are calling Kathi about optioning the blog for a feature-length movie starring Reese Witherspoon as the bride, Joan Cusack as her scrappy friend, and Johnny Depp as the villainous but loveable dressmaker. I can’t wait to see it. And then there’ll be the Oscars. Maybe I’ll wear my suit again.

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At least your tie knows

At least your tie knows where it belongs.

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They say the length of the

They say the length of the marriage is inversely proportional to the time of the wedding preparations. If this is true, your marriage should last until 4096 A.D.



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dear sam...
congrats to you and kathi.. hope to see you at rio sometime.