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The Daily Sam: Wedding Surprise

Wedding season is upon us. Weddings are a multibillion dollar industry involving epic decisions such as picking out a dress, choosing a venue, the photographer, invitations, lawsuits, and in some cases tribal warfare. I, personally, am getting married to another person this June—specifically to my fiancé Kathi Kamen Goldmark—and I have discovered that weddings can be stressful. As my daughter Laura said when I was debating whether or not to buy some expensive new shoes for the big day, “After all, dad, it’s your wedding—you only get two of those.”

Anyhow, I had this great idea for eliminating all that stress: surprise weddings. That’s right—weddings that get “pulled” on you by surprise, like a surprise birthday party! You walk in the room, ready to sit down and watch a rerun of CSI Cleveland, and suddenly a crowd of your family and friends shout “Surprise!” and shower you with rice or bird seed. The next thing you know you are cutting the cake and everyone is celebrating, and then you are off to Cleveland for the honeymoon!