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The Daily Sam: Taking a Stand on Gay Marriage

Yesterday’s report on gay marriage and the end of the world provoked some interesting responses, both here and on my Facebook page. (I invite my Facebook friends to become a part of the Red Room community so they can comment here—come on in, we aren’t commies, in spite of the name. We are authors! There’s a difference!)

I appreciate that there are strong feelings about an issue as important as the end of the world and gay marriage, and so I have decided to do something about it. Kathi Kamen Goldmark and I are getting married on June 12 because we can (also we want to do so before the gay people make heterosexual marriage illegal), but the responses to my blog made me think—hey, it isn’t fair that we can get married while gay people can’t. So I decided to do something about it. In solidarity with the gay rights movement I am volunteering Kathi to get a sex change operation before the wedding. It’s going to take a lot of doing in such a short amount of time. For one thing, Kathi is a long way from looking like a man. But I think we have to do something bold to make a statement.

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Sam, why don't both of you

Sam, why don't both of you get a sex change just to confuse the hell out of everyone? June 12th will be here before we know. If the process is only halfway completed by then, our judiciary won't know what to make of it and just might back off and let people be.

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Profile in Courage, sort of, kind of, maybe, okay, not ...


Let me be the second to commend you on this bold action. It takes a bold man to volunteer his fiancee to make a statement like this!