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The Daily Sam: Pixar Makes a Movie at My House

I took matters in my own hands and blocked off the hole in the light well next to our house where the pigeons were busy building a nest. Afterwards I watched the two of them standing on the edge of the roof, blinking, cleaning their feathers, looking into the light well and trying to decide what to do next. I imagined them talking to each other, complaining about the obstruction the large bipedal creature had put in the way of their sweet little domicile. The female, speaking in the voice of Cameron Diaz, said “What are we going to do now?” “I don’t know," said the male, speaking in the voice of Adam Sandler. "Give me a minute to think.” Then they flew away.

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Talking Pigeons

We've also got pigeons outside our office in San Francisco. I like your idea of imagining what voices they'd have. I now imaging them talking to each other about the twigs they need to build a nest and how the male pigeon needs to take a turn watching the two eggs that they recently had. In place of Cameron Diaz and Adam Sandler, I prefer to think of the voices coming from Charlton Heston (http://www.hulu.com/watch/45548/alaska-spirit-of-the-wild) and Eartha Kitt(http://www.adultswim.com/video/?episodeID=111afb9a1050bd06b6dd4017d338d004). Not sure why I settled on those two.

By the way, I'm following you on twitter now. I'm so glad you're linking to redroom.com.

Abraham Mertens, redroom.com

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Heroic Pigeons?

Since "Ratatouille" showed that an animated movie featuring a rat as the hero could be a box office smash, I see no reason a film featuring pigeons ("Wings") couldn't soar.

The Cast:
Amelia, the brave pigeon heroine (Cameron Diaz)
Charlie, her wisecracking pigeon partner (Adam Sandler)
Arnold, their goofy squirrel friend (Robin Williams)
Chester, the Evil Rottweiler who menaces the neighborhood (James Earl Jones)

The location:
Outside Keaton D. Barry's window, somewhere in San Francisco.

There would have to be flying scenes around Coit Tower, the Golden Gate bridge, and in and out of a Cable Car.