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Maybe someday.
Dec 2009

I write because I love it. I know the statistics, I know that it's almost impossible to get any recognition for the thoughts coming out of my head. Still I write, regardless of everything else I do. I am first a writer, and my life is just a series of stories dying to come to life on paper. Sometimes the stories end up as fiction, or poetry, sometimes on the other side of the camera I can find something that describes a recent saga perfectly, sometimes nothing other than exactly what happened can create a compelling tale.

What I am and exactly what I do are open to interpretation, there are some things I cannot disclose. I do have job, a very demanding one, and I am originally from the mountains of western Washington state though I am very rarely there. Sometimes I get to go home, but most of the time I am other places around the country and soon to be half a world away. Maybe I can tell those stories one day, but for now they will be fiction. For now I am anonymous. 

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Writing, shooting, photography, feminism, goddess culture, religion, philosophy, poetry, books, gardening, baking, cooking, needlepoint