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Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Jul 2010

Aptitude testing in the 80's showed an inclination toward book publishing and graphic arts. The Small Business Association at USF included me in their U.S. government program for small business, and was helpful in getting my publishing business off to a good start. I was awarded a U.S. Air Force contract -- Revision of the Baker's Manual with Slide Presentation -- hey, a gal has to start somewhere! All filming was done at MacDill Air Force Base. I was there at midnight most nights watching would-be bakers mixing the dough. A top rate food photographer did super  photography and the slide presentation was designated for use at 640 Air Force bases worldwide. I never did find out if they actually distributed the stuff. Publishing books was my career for fifteen years after that illustrious (?) start. I retired ten years ago, and am now getting serious about polishing my writing skills.

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I am working on a manuscript that is fiction based on truth set in Ancient Egypt 24th Century B.C. about events in the life of King Unas, last pharaoh of the 5th Dynasty of the Old Kingdom, whose tomb was discovered in the 19th century. Hieroglyphics discovered in the tomb are known as the Pyramid Texts, the oldest collection of mythical, religious and literary material in existence. A family member, Dr. Richard Steiner, professor of Semitic literature at Yeshiva University, deciphered the Semitic portion of magical serpent spells found in the tomb, for which Egyptologists, until Dr. Steiner got involved, had been unable to recognize as Semitic writings in more than two hundred years of research.

I recently became a member of linkedin's Society of Egyptologists.