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Delusions of Grandeur: The Living Elements

Delusions of grandeur often accompany spiritual awakenings. When I first "woke up" I thought that I and my three friends were the living elements of earth, fire, air, and water incarnate. I was fire...or Fire, as it were.

I was in my last year in college, my friends in various stages before and behind me. Together, each night for a year, after class, instead of class, we stepped into our respective roles - leapt, more like it - and explored the deepest fathoms of the universe and plumbed the deepest inner reaches of our selves. How that would look was we'd walk around in the dark together in a tucked away vest-pocket park in slumbering Boston, and talk, argue, debate, struggle, counsel, cry. During that time, our general state was one of constant awe and wonderment, and sometimes terror. Our friends thought we were crazy.

Although eventually we grew up and realized that we were not each one of the elements - Earth, Fire, Air, and Water - any more or less than we were each all of them, no more or less than anyone else is, the lessons of those explorations never lost their truthfulness

That life is art. (Fire)

That we are love. (Air)

That we are each of us the center of the universe, and that this junction of those vertices is this world we call home. (Earth)

That there is no time or space, only here and now. (Water)