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dear Toni Morrison

Red Room has empowered me.

One question I have always wanted to ask you is how many papers of students you have been shown, or have happened to see where those snotty bachelor kids advance the comment that you “ did a really good job” with Beloved. Having marveled at their innocent and arrogant chuzpe myself, I have wondered for years (and generations of students) how you’d respond under those praise showers?

And one particular gratitude I have always wanted to express: for the nonchalance, stinging clarity and elegant slyness of the passage: “And so they were: Paul D Garner, Paul F Garner, Paul A Garner, Halle Suggs and Sixo, the wild man. All in their twenties, minus women, fucking cows, dreaming of rape, thrashing on pallets…
She waited a year. And the Sweet Home men abused cows while they waited with her.” I have always wondered how one could pack the complete implosion of so much taboo in one almost throwaway bare passage?