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Paper books. They're nice to hold in your hands. You can take them on the bus, you can read them in the bath, you can easily lend them out to your friends (and never get them back, in my experience) ... and, if news reports are to be believed, they're fucking dead.  In 2001, Apple computers launched the iPod. Until that time, mp3s and music downloading had been...
Now that we're all agreed that the country is in the grip of (tired of hearing it yet?) recession, the government has started pouring resources into making sure that we all stay chipper.  The NHS has it's own 'credit crunch' phoneline for those left in stress by the economic downturn, and any of us can ask for access to CBT-based 'beating the blues' computer...
Stress: one of the most common modern illnesses du jour. The causal factors creep up from all sides, and it's threatening to overtake depression as the most common mental illness of our times. Some workplaces even take a sort of perverted pride in pressurising their workforce, prizing most highly those workers who can produce no matter how much stress is piled...
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This weeks' Joneswatch comes from the normally fanny-friendly The Guardian, in the form of <a href="http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2009/jun/17/pay-gap-mothers-children-inequality" target="blank">this anti-factual article about the gender pay gap</a>. With superb badly-informed comments like, "The Pay Gap is a well-...
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What is it about women and suppressing anger? Lots of us do it all the time. Somebody says something unacceptable at work, and instead of taking it up with them, we put our heads down, bite our lip, and carry on seething away on the inside. I don't know about you, but I'm pissed off with being pissed off. It's about time it stopped! Lots of us have internalised...
Sussed girls everywhere are already savvy to the benefits of growing their own vegetables – knowing how exactly your food's been grown, the minimal food miles, and the just-picked freshness all make it a no-brainer – but with so many of us living in cramped city apartments or terraced housing, who has the space to grow anything? Reader, I bring you: the window-...
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My love for going away alone started by accident, rather than design. I was desperate for a holiday, but had nobody to go away with. One night I had my browser window open on some cheap flights to a European capital city, taunting me with the fact that if I didn’t book them then and there, by the time I had thought of somebody to go away with, they would no...