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Sunday afternoons in the Bradley household

After I get up I will have 2 (two) cups of tea and pet the cat and feed the cat, and after I have fed the cat and had my 2 (two) cups of tea I will go to the allotment to catch up on everything that needs to be done. After I have weeded and planted and cut back the raspberry canes and watered (watered!) the compost, I will put my spade in the earth and I will come back home for another cup of tea. After I have made my cup of tea and watered the cat I will go upstairs to get to work, and after I have written at least 1,500 (one thousand five hundred) words (one thousand on the Big Project, five hundred on a short story) I will come back downstairs to bake some bread. After I have baked some bread I will wonder what's to have for tea and I will make a pie and roast some vegetables, and after I have made tea I will get to work knitting my Mum's Christmas present. After I have knitted my Mum's Christmas present I will turn the TV on (last night's X-Factor, taped so I can fast-forward all the contestants' "stories" and the adverts) and wonder what else there is to be done, because there is so little of the weekend to do it in. And after I have watched last night's X-Factor I will hide my knitting away in a cupboard so the cat can't get to it and go to bed, hoping for another evening of productivity after I get home from the day job on Monday afternoon..... 

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I love the sound of your day

I love the sound of your day as it happens I have put a pudding into the oven made with fresh raspberries, blackberries picked in September and stowed in the freezer,, apple and banana with a sponge topping full of cinnamon, it smells divine. You seem to have a good productive balance.

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Apple and banana pie?!!

Oh, I love the sound of your apple and banana pie! Could you send some over to me? ; )

We have plenty of frozen fruit from last year, too - gooseberries and raspberries. I keep promising to make them into crumbles and / or jam, but somehow it always gets away from me. There is always so much other stuff to do! You know what I need? A bigger freezer! (and more hours in the day).

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What a busy day!

Crikey, you put me to shame, Sarah. :) My head would spin with so much activity. Hope you're relaxing and having some 'me' time now. :)

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I don't know Ryoma, I think

I don't know Ryoma, I think I'm just one of those pathologically 'busy' people. There's nothing I hate more than feeling that I've wasted the day! (but don't worry - I am no stranger to the bubble bath, or the vapid television show.) I'll get a bit of me time tonight.... right after I've finished writing this short story : )