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Hello everyone. It's been a while. Guess what? I've been busy with the Big Secret Project. 

I read, over on inkygirl.com [daily diversions for writers) that Ann Aguire writes her first draft in 30 days. 30 days?!! This crazy-productive lady must be typing in her sleep! I don't know how anybody can write that fast, but I admire her for it. For my own part, needing to fit writing in and around the rest of stuff (hello day-job, hello Boring Domestic Tasks), I've instead been pullin' the typewriter up close and personal when I get home from work of an evening. Boyfriend commented recently, "You're very disciplined". [Also commented, "Do you really need more notebooks?" when I stocked up on travel-journal notebooks in the Paperchase / Borders closing down sale. I will always need more notebooks. Please, send notebooks. Always send notebooks]. "Of course," I answered, primly. "Do you know that Murakami wrote his first novel in the early hours of the morning after coming home from work every night?" Actually, if I'm honest, this was not my first answer. My first answer was, "No talking while I'm busy." 

I'm now nearing the end of the first draft. Progress has been consistent and frighteningly productive. It helped to have a really clear idea of the story and characters from the off, and to have already written one novel. It really is like riding a bike, in that your knees get bruised when you fall off.... er.... anyway - some timely time off is approaching. This is going to be spent in the coffee shops and cafes of a lovely European city, tapping away on the laptop, getting the final push of 15,000 or so words done. I'm already looking forward to the rewriting and editing part. (I'm a bit of a nerd for writing and re-writing. Maybe I coulda been a sub-editor in a past life). 

Big Secret Project stats

Cups of tea drunk in the making of this novel  137

Pairs of fingerless gloves missing in action  1

Notebooks bought 3

Notebooks used 1

Incidences of wishing I had a maid / assistant 255829

Wishing there were more hours in the day  277372

Grateful thoughts towards boyfriend for being tolerant & supportive  36000


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Ha Ha!

Ha Ha!

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Good luck with the last

Good luck with the last 15,000 or so of words, and also with the editing and re-writing. It isn't easy finding time in the day, but obviously you have discipline.

I love the stats...they're priceless!

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Thanks Mary, thanks Nancy!

I've become very disciplined in my writing lately! It helps that I get home from work before 5 most days, so have a sizeable chunk of evening in which to write.

And re: the stats.... I'm glad you like them! Maybe, when it's finished, I could put them in a spreadsheet and draw a graph or two... !