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Los Angeles
Aug 2009

Ryan David Jahn wrote his first short story in a school notebook when he was ten. By the time he was twelve, his mom and stepdad had bought him a typewriter (a used Remington Letter-Riter De Luxe).

He made his first attempt at a novel when he was sixteen, writing a 55,000-word horror tale in six weeks. Between then and Macmillan's acceptance of his debut novel, Acts of Violence, he piled up fifteen years, three more novels, and nearly fifty short stories, most of which were little more than failed experiments (as early writings tend to be).

He has lived in Arizona, California, Georgia, Missouri, and Texas, and, in addition to a brief stint in the army, has worked as a janitor, a day laborer, and a forklift driver.

His first novel, Acts of Violence, will be releaed by Macmillan in November; his second, in the summer of 2010.


Block, Borges, Cain, Carver, Chandler, Ellroy, Hammett, Hemingway, Melville, Twain, Vonnegut, Pynchon.

Upcoming Works

Acts of Violence, 6 November 2009.
Low Life, summer 2010.

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