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Rochester, NY
Feb 2009

Ruth McMillan Mayfield is a woman of faith who shares her passion for God and His Word through the testimonies of many years of life experiences with the Lord. Dramatic stories of God's faithfulness in the midst of trials and His transformations in her life are the focus of her speaking and writing. She shares on the topics of faith, dream interpretation and Israel from a biblical perspective. God's love and grace to heal and deliver are brought out through her transparency and unwavering faith in who God is. 

Ruth has lived most of her life in upstate, western New York. Ruth co-founded Horizon Ministries with her husband, Duane Mayfield, in 2005. She served for four years with her husband on the leadership team at Narkis Congregation in Jerusalem until 2009. They have twice traveled to Uganda. Her previous profession was in software development and project management.


Bible, C.S. Lewis, Charles Spurgeon

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Gardening, travel, photography, archeology, space, geology, baking bread