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Why Tiger Woods is Unlikely to Ever Cheat Again - An Infidelity Expert's View
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It's highly unlikely that Tiger Woods will ever cheat again -- despite the fact that he cheated on Elin Nordegren Woods with multiple mistresses for several years.

Tiger's Cheating Days Are Over

Tiger's public apology confirms what I've been saying in most of my interviews on this topic for the past  6 to 8 weeks.

Tiger's cheating days are over. Tiger Woods is one of those serial cheaters, who, after having been caught, and forced to face the consequences of his infidelity, will probably never cheat again.  See my article entitled Why Tiger Woods Will Probably Never Cheat Again.

My opinion is based on over 16 years of infidelity research, during which time I've interviewed and/ or consulted with thousands of cheating men from all walks of life.

Most Cheaters Usually Have More Than One Affair

Several years ago, I came across a study which found  that 2/3 of the men who cheated on their mates had more than one affair.  25% of those men had 4 or more affairs. 

My own research corresponds with the findings in that study.

I, too, found that a significant number of cheating men do indeed, go on to have other affairs. 

However, I was curious about the small minority of cheating men who never cheated again. 

What kept these men from cheating over and over again?"

My Findings on Why Some Cheaters Never Cheat Again

The determining factor turned out to be this: 

Cheaters become repeaters if they don't suffer any negative consequences as a result of their infidelity. 

The more negative consequences a cheater suffered as a direct result of his infidelity, and the greater the magnitude of those negative consequences, the less likely he was to cheat again.

Why Tiger Probably Won't Cheat Again

The sheer number and magnitude of negative consequences Tiger Woods has suffered because of his cheating, indicates that Tiger is one of those cheating men  who will probably never cheat again.

Tiger's marriage and family are hanging in the balance.  His reputation has been ruined.  His golf career is hold while he desperately tries to make amends to his wife and get his marriage back on track.  And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

NOTE:  For more detailed information on this, see my article entitled  Why Tiger Woods Will Probably Never Cheat Again

This article lists more than a dozen negative consequences Tiger Woods has experienced, and is still experiencing, as a result of his multiple affairs.

The article also makes a strong case for why Tiger deserves a second chance.

Much of Tiger Woods'  behavior can be attributed to his sex addiction. 

But he's in therapy now, and is and receiving  the very best professional help. 

Tiger is a Changed Man

Tiger's  heartfelt public apology shows that he's strongly committed to turning his life around, saving his marriage, and becoming the kind of man all the people he disappointed, can  find it in their hearts to believe in again.

From the things he says he plans to do to mane amends, it sounds like he's on the right track.

Having been forced to take a hard, cold look at the negative consequences of his infidelity, it's highly doubtful that Tiger will ever cheat again.


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