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Predicting a brokered Republican Convention

Romney isn't going to get out of this one—insisting he left Bain Capital in 1999 and that he had nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with it since 1999 (apart from going to some board meetings, and yes, signing off on SEC filings and company sales and a host of other important documents). Either he is lying through his teeth, or he actually did have nothing to do with a company which he was listed as sole owner and CEO. If he's lying, he's history. If he's not lying, he has shown a flagrant lack of interest in his own economic health. If he was that oblivious to the health of a company he owned, would he be any less oblivious to the economic health of our country?

I suspect this is the tip of the iceberg. Once Romney releases more IRS returns, and more investigation is done on Bain, we will find he fired a whole bunch of people and sent a whole lot of jobs overseas. And he didn't give a damn.

For this reason, and many others, I predict that the Republican Convention will be brokered. That is, Republican delegates will be released from their voting obligation to Romney, and the floor will open to nominations. No point in running a loser. I suspect Jeb Bush will be nominated, with Condoleezza Rice as his running mate.

I predicted a similar scenario when I wrote “Amsterdam 2012” four years ago. I also predicted World War III. Let's hope neither comes true.

But if it does, remember you heard it here first