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Chapped Lips

Lips that have been chapped for a long time

Suddenly comes out of nowhere a tangero

And moistens them like never before

Couldn’t hold back, Couldn’t resist…

I find my lips willingly leaving my face and running towards his lips

Wanting to touch his, lusting for him

Couldn’t hold back, couldn’t resist

His power over me is so great that makes me yearn for more

Isolating myself from everything and everyone

Focusing on grasping him

Focusing if this moment of passion will ever end

What such sweet taste What such sweet breath

Couldn’t hold back, couldn’t resist

The drips of his saliva on my lips turn me round and round

His tongue twirls me like I was his tango partner on a milonga night

Couldn’t hold back, couldn’t resist

And then he pulls back, running his fingers through my hair, caressing me

The shivers inside me grows deeper and deeper – and I want more, I just can’t get enough of him, he gently teases me, making me to ask for more, as if he wants the most and best of me –

I Can’t hold back and I can’t resist his sweet and devouring kiss.