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Book Review-Yesterday's Rain: Legend of the Blue Buffalo
San Francisco Book Review

Yesterday’s Rain is a generational story, beginning in 1922 with a black outlaw named John Mayberry. Adopted into a Oklahoma Cheyenne tribe, Mayberry learns about the legend of the Blue Buffalo, an Indian spirit that protects the souls of those that believe in it if they are killed at the hands of another and keeps them safe until their death was avenged. It is a tattoo of a blue buffalo found on the shoulder of an unidentified female murder victim in 1948 that links the mystery story line with the back story of Mayberry and the Blue Buffalo. Homicide detective JD Pearson has to piece the events together, eventually leading him to Mayberry’s story, and the vengeance of the Blue Buffalo’s spirit to on the murdered woman.

The writing, at times, is rough, but overall, the story flows well with a good sense of pacing and dialog. The mystical aspects of the Indian spirit fit into the feel of the story and provide a spiritual aspect to a murder mystery that isn’t often included. The characters are well-developed and the settings feel natural. Blending the current story in the 1940’s while developing the back story in alternating chapters keeps the information coming without having to bog it down by explaining too much at any one point. Haney should be able to increase his strengths in story telling, and also smooth out his writing as he continues to write.