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Title Confusion and More Consideration to Blurbs
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My first book, Forced Mate, was and still is a humorous, snarky take on every historical romance inspired by the Graeco-Roman myth of Persephone abducted from the surface of the earth by Dis, dark god of the Underworld... except my dark god was a self-styled 'god' and a prince from a far away galactic empire in outer space. His most current insights into successful courtship techniques were informed by Roger Moore era James Bond movies.

He played chess to "god" level (there really is such a level), and "Forced Mate" is a chess term for a situation where the Black King and the White King race to be the first to make a pawn their Queen.

What I did not realize was that at the time that my chess-titled romance, Forced Mate, came out, there was a notorious porn movie called Forced Entry in the public eye, which may have led to some confusion. Moreover, I was so thrilled with modern technology, and my then-publicist's ability to add moving flames around my cover art, that I promoted my book as "hot".

I thought "hot" was a boast that it was selling rather well, which seemed to be a truthful claim to me. At one point Forced Mate was number 39 on the Barnes and Noble bestseller list. I was horrified to learn (when it was too late) that my book was widely perceived to be erotica, which it is not.

If I could travel back through time to 2003 (Forced Mate was released in 2004) I would have written several versions of my back cover blurb which would have more accurately reflected what I think are the highpoints of the plot, and also my sense of humor, and I would have promoted it as humor or snark.