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When the Earl of Berkeley narrowly escapes death in a duel atArundel Castle, he realises the outcome is not what his opponent intended. His wife has been compromised by a deadly foe, Prince Ernest, Duke of Cumberland, brother of the Prince of Wales. After a long spell of seclusion, the Countess is launched upon the beau monde. The couple strive to subdue gossip caused by the...
 "All that time, life kept putting its face around the door, but never came into the room." When Angel learnt her days were numbered, she found it impossible to confide in her husband, Jude. Immersed in the precarious expansion of his business, he little suspected the true cause of her changing health and outlook. And events seemed only too ready to conspire in her...
The Wolf and The Lamb by Rosy Cole
   When Mary Cole, a butcher's daughter, caught the eye of Lord Berkeley, it was as flint to tinder. A libertine and a forsworn bachelor, he was taken aback that the Catholic-reared beauty refused to be his mistress. Within weeks he'd brought her family to bankruptcy. When, still, she eluded him, he devised a theatrical plot to abduct her. It was then that he knew he could...
Echoes of a strange past haunted Roisin. She dimly knew her destiny lay far beyond the South Downs rectory where she had been so strictly reared. Manoeuvred into an uninspiring marriage, she escaped to make her own way in a society overshadowed by the Napoleonic Wars where values were a stark contrast to those at home. She was to meet La Belle Madeleine whose brilliant...
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This is the story of one community's struggle to bring New Jerusalem out of the clouds during a quarter of a millennium of radical change. The spiritual dynamism inspired by John Wesley in these parishes was multiplied throughout the British Isles and steadily contributed to the welfare and stability of the nation when Europe was in ferment and the beast of anarchy was baying at...