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Silver And Gold Have I None...


Wild Olympic flame

gathering energy on

deluged thoroughfares

banishing our ruined dreams

fresh vision kindled


The nation focused

reminiscent spectacle

of our heritage

gone the touchstone of its soul

the flint and tinder


struck by our forebears

tillers of the untamed earth

servants and soldiers

merchants, miners and martyrs

bringers of quick light


vicarious now

the hope of saving glory

coffers overdrawn

no securities gilt-edged

faint hearts overwrought


Seams, today seamless

our lottery's tarnished coin

spent and spent again

the lure of medals hinting

new Jerusalem


Seize the pick, the pen, the spade

the simple plough and harrow

bind up wounds, support the sick

life's not fair's true sportsmanship

our children's gold tomorrow!



Not Miss Duffy, admittedly, but some know how I yearn to be Poet Laureate :)


Poem not included in The Twain, Poems of Earth and Ether, globally available September, 2012.