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Rib or Funny Bone?

Reflections for International Women's Day




The people I'm furious with are the women's liberationists.  They keep getting up on soapboxes and proclaiming women are brighter than men.  That's true, but it should be kept quiet or it ruins the whole racket.  Anita Loos

Nature has given women so much power that the law has very wisely given them little.  Samuel Johnson

Women have very little idea of how much men hate them.  Germaine Greer

Brains are an asset, if you hide them.  Mae West

There is a special place in hell for women who do not help other women.  Madeleine K. Albright

I would rather trust a woman's instinct than a man's reason.  Stanley Baldwin

She wore a short skirt and a tight sweater and her figure described a set of parabolas that could cause cardiac arrest in a yak.  Woody Allen

You see, dear, it is not true that woman was made from man's rib; she was really made from his funny bone.  J.M. Barrie

Woman begins by resisting a man's advances and ends by blocking his retreat.  Oscar Wilde

I expect Woman will be the last thing civilized by Man.  George Meredith

I married beneath me - all women do.  Nancy Astor


...and the final word from Pope Benedict XVI

Men and women were created to be jointly the guarantee of the future of the humanity - not only a physical guarantee, but also a moral one.


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In Touch, through the heart of us all..!

Keeping this, saving this, and sending this out today to "every woman friend I know!"

Thank you very much, Rosy! "I love this!:-)"


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Thanks, Catherine!

Glad it appealed to you so much. We have a Father's Day, but not, as far as I know, an International Men's Day. I wonder why? I don't think I'm brave enough to ask the question in public!!
All Best,