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In remembrance of all guardians of our freedom who have paid the ultimate price



And are they gone to Arcady

where poppies loose no opiate dream,

nor memories of blood-inebriated soil?


Cobweb-frail, some staggered on,

mazed by sulphur stars of a millennial dawn,

torch-bearers of conquering


Was it for this, and this, and this,

they stood their ground in slimy human dissolution?

A Guernica before the fact


Was it for fool's gold richesse,

lush fields where children cannot safely roam,

and sharded streets from plunder?


Did they foresee the Crown despised

and governmental sleight of hand,

fables of Emperors' new clothes?


Vicarious and virtual the life

they died for, suffered Armageddon for,

kept fast the vault of Satan for


But they bequeathed green liberty,

imperilled now by wanton greed to halting red

Must we chance a Pyrrhic victory?



The Twain, Poems of Earth and Ether


© http://www.pilgrimrose.com

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War Requiem

I once sang Brittan's War Requiem, and was introduced to Wilfred Owen. These are difficult poems to write but important to remember I believe.

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Dear Steve

I so agree. Singing the War Requiem in itself led me into new areas of understanding. Music and poetry enlarge our perception immeasurably.

Thank you kindly for this comment. I only happened upon it by chance since no alert was received.