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Compact novelised history of one community's struggle through a quarter of a millennium. "There's no back way to heaven, Jimmy!"



The caskets open

Pandora's curse rescinded

Hope flies free to roost

under sullen earthly eaves

blight itself entombed


Gold tells a new Reign

signals a hidden Kingdom

remedy for dark despair

a mineral unalloyed

day's bright pinnacle


Frankincense, honour

aspirant breath of longing

hints Gethsemane

kindled precious sap of wounds

perfume of prayer


Myrrh for sacrifice

sweet emollient from thorns

crowning Lamb of God

chrism of Temple altar

Death subsumed in Life


Prized heartfelt tokens

brought by bone-weary pilgrims

seekers after Light

amaranthine Truth begs leave

of cosmic shackles