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Oh, I'd like to be Poet Laureate,
the best literary ballgame around,
to chronicle functions
and royal conjunctions
would suit me down to the ground.

To muse on the subtext of history
might prompt an account in free verse,
but the annals of time
would ring with my rhyme
and the picture would be none the worse.

I could mention the cartwheeling verger,
the Queen's Diamond Jubilee spree,
and next year's Olympics,
those famed acrobatics
Threadneedle Street ponders with glee.

Yes, I'd love to be Poet Laureate,
There's a void since the fair Calliope**
no longer beguiles
on these emerald isles
ghosts of Milton and Dryden and Pope.

Some claim that the honour's a bind,
an appointment archaic and stuffy,
they can't follow Tennyson
and dear old John Betjeman,
nor Masefield, nor Motion, nor Duffy.

The title's undoubtedly grand,
though poets are used to grim hovels,
and rich Malmsey wine
as payment is fine,
It's better reward than for novels!

But Ms Ayres and Ms Cope aren't contenders
and the accolade missed Mr Browning,
I don't stand a chance
on this side of France,
Like Ms Smith, I'm not waving but drowning.

So I don't think I'll make Poet Laureate,
but I swear I'm not twisted and bitter,
If finely-wrought talents
don't weigh in the balance,
I can always write haiku on Twitter!


** claiming poet's licence :)


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Rosy Cole, The Finest

You truly have my vote.  You're perfect and genuine to be Poet Laureate - you've already been doing it for years!!!

I loved your poem, and I'm not kidding about being Poet Laureate, I thought of you immediately after RR sent the invitation.  I looked every day for your blog:-)

Thank you for all your beautiful poems all through the years. They certainly fill our lives with wisdom and pure pleasure!



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Thanks for your wonderful support over the years!

Cathy, I'm touched by your generous words and am delighted to have such a worthy follower. It's always a pleasure to talk to you and anyone must be bowled over by your enthusiasm for literature and matters of faith.

However (since you weren't joking!) the world of professional poetry is an enclosed order, one I'm not willing to spend time trying to breach. It will be interesting to see what happens - if anything - re sales when my two books of poetry are finally launched.

Hope you're still writing as well as blogging. Great to see you back on a regular basis.

God Bless,





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"An enclosed order"

now disclosed!  Haiku on Twitter?  Only Rosy Cole's verses would lure me there...

Rosy, your wit was exactly the tonic I needed today.

I find myself humming the cadance of the final verse.


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Hi, Mara!

You remind me yet again that I really must catch up with some of the excellent bloggers on Redroom! Up to my ears in work at the moment. Have to relax sometimes and have a giggle at it all and share it with others. I just can't stick to one way of writing 'poetry' and want the cadences to suit mood and subject.

Your comments and encouragement are so much appreciated. If this piece brightened your day, I could not be more rewarded.

By 'enclosed order', I really just mean that there's no point in wasting precious life seeking the endorsement of academics, which seems to be the benchmark striven for, at least in the UK. I want genuine readers. I want to make poetry accessible to everyone. I hope it sometimes stimulates deep thought and maybe, occasionally, sets a reader off on an adventure of their own, but I do endeavour not to be abstruse.

Anyway, I do hope all's well with you and you have more writing projects on the go.

Very Best,


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beyond the academics!  I do love the ivy and the stonework but loathe the institutions, which could never trap our Rosy for long! Yes, here too we have our 'flavor of the decade,' fully endorsed by the MFA programs, signifying little more than the crescendo of post-teen angst. 

My writing and art projects still flutter on the wind, hoping to find a (profitable) home.  ~M

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Enjoyed this!

Wit & charm unbound.

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Thanks, Cheryl :)

Your wit is deeper.

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What a delightful take

Of a poet laureate on the make

I think you'd be too honest

To sing paeans to the bees in the bonnet

Yet I'd toast you a stirred martini, 'stead of giving it a shake


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It's a long time since I had a Martini, Farzana, so here's to you, too!  Thanks for stopping by and responding in kind :)

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Poet Laureate

Hi Rosy,

What a delight! I love it. You are so talented. You've got my vote. I love, love England (my husband I were married in Melrose, Scotland in 2000 complete with friends from both countries attending, the Scots wearing their kilts). Our favorite town is London. Your country is just as you are, delightful, entertaining, talented and so much more. Keep them coming.

One of your biggest fans,


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Margie, you are so kind

Thank you for your enthusiastic comments which have bowled me over!

England is beautiful and so is Scotland in a different way. My first novel was set in Scotland - the Central Highlands. The British Isles are acknowledged to have the most varied landscape in the world for their size.

But next time you visit, don't stick to London. There are some really beautiful towns and cities (amid some grimy industrial ones). I guess you'd love Georgian Bath, for instance. And we have such a wealth of history. In fact, the country's a bit like a living museum everywhere you go. I live close to Arundel with its famous castle which is the seat of the Catholic Dukes of Norfolk. They customarily hold the office of Earl Marshal of England.

Perhaps we shall meet one day. That would be lovely.

Meantime, thanks so much for your support.