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It's remarkable how often Jane Austen is listed on RR among favourite books and writing influences, and not usually by authors of the historical genre.  As someone who spends a lot of time composing in that idiom, I'm keen to understand what wacky, quirky, slick-living, outward bound, Simpson-cultivated, Twain-savvy, 24-hooked, Sex and the City-primed, Americans find so captivating about her. (I don't intend any of this in a disparaging way: I wish we shared your optimistic outlook and verve.)

Is it:

  • Nostalgia for 'the old country' and, perhaps, a faint hankering for monarchy?
  • The atmosphere of another time and place?
  • A recognisable culture of materialism (then evolved in a society where few were enfranchised)?

  • Austen's stunning facility with the English language?

  • The hypnotic, almost predictable, rhythm of her sentences?

  • Her arch humour, best targeted at 'posers'?

  • Her caustic wit in the face of animosity?

  • The fine tension spun between characters in a social microcosm with punishing codes of conduct?

  • A deep-seated longing for those guidelines?

  • The excruciating vulnerability of her heroines whose only hope of escape was via the marriage bond?

  • The triumph of natural virtue?

  • The fates cast over the chink of teacups?

  Maybe you have other ideas?