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Rosemary Jones's Books

Cobalt City Timeslip
Times, they are a changin' -- especially in Cobalt City, home of the heroes. With a tradition of capes and cowls that dates back to before the town's founding, any time is a good time for adventure. History comes alive with a time-swept librarian knight, zap-gun wielding alien princess, a faceless spy-smashing vigilante, Norse gods, the young archer facing down steamwork ex...
Zero Gravity
Thirteen tales of adventure prove a very lucky number of fans of deep space thrills. Includes "Junker's Fancy" by Rosemary Jones.
Close Encounters of the Urban Kind
"Two Out, Wendigo" by Rosemary Jones appears in this anthology edited by Jennifer Brozek. Know those creepy urban legends? Even creepier when aliens are behind the screams.
Realms of the Dead
The Forgotten Realms authors tackle the dead, who refuse to stay down, go away, or vacate the premises. Contains the story "Dusty Bones" by Rosemary Jones: another Waterdeep graveyard adventure with the Carver family.
Encyclopedia of Collectible Children's Books
Available this summer, the Encyclopedia collects and expands the information found in the authors' previous four books on collecting children's books. Hundreds of photos and literally thousands of listings cover the most collectible children's books from the 19th and 20th century.
Crypt of the Moaning Diamond
When the Siegebreakers' latest job crashes down on their heads, trapping them in ruins treacherous with magic, monsters, and ever-rising water, it's a race to escape before the day is done. Too bad the camel ate their breakfast.
City of the Dead
Waterdeep is an old city and many have died there. Most are entombed in the vast, sprawling City of the Dead, a cemetery of stone crypts and greenery that serves as a park by day . . . and the haunted abode of the dead by night, where the living are slain, die of fright, or are driven mad with terror. All except one family. The Carvers, the clan who tends the tombs and sees to the...