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When friends discuss being a travel writer, they are usually visualizing far flung destinations. But I snagged an assigment  (courtesy of Gina Misiroglu of Red Room, who introduced me to the AOL travel folks) that forced me to think hard about my own town as both a long-time resident and a tourist...
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A writer friend and I were drinking coffee yesterday (this being Seattle and summer, it was iced coffee for me) and discussing how 2010 turned into "the year of anthologies." My stories are definitely appearing in four anthologies this year, including the just published Zero Gravity, and...
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Loved the episode of NCIS last night. The one where the power is knocked out and the team has to go all "old tech" (Polaroid cameras, visually comparing fingerprint cards, etc) to solve the crime. At the end, they all acknowledge that they can indeed get the crime solved this way. It just...
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During a yesterday's press conference, a large and glowing Winnie-the-Pooh can be seen behind Steve Jobs as he announced that Apple's ebook reader app for the iPad was now available for the iPhone. Since launching the  iPad, Apple has been stalking the book market as aggressively as the music...
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If you have been writing for many years, you probably have material that was published but then went out-of-print. If you still control the rights for those works (and it varies contract by contract), you might consider becoming your own reprint house. Sell those stories desired by the fans as...
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Thanks to Elaine Cunningham, a fellow fantasy writer, I found Craig Mod's fascinating essay on why the printed book will become better with the advent of ebooks. Mod argues, and I agree, that the ebook will replace the disposable book. The paperback that we buy once to read on the trip or at the...
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Yes, my reader is pink -- or as Sony puts it "rose."
My line about ebook readers has been "When the cost drops to $100 and I can check out books from the library for it, I'm sold." So, wandering through a local electronics store after Christmas, I saw the floor model Pocket Reader on sale for $119. Sold! I justified the extra $20 bucks and...
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After finishing the final edits on City of the Dead way back at the beginning of 2009, the rest of the year seemed devoted to short fiction. With the vagaries of publishing, the story written last was published first and the rest are coming with 2010, which is shaping up to the year of short...
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Cobalt City Christmas
Every year I pull out all my favorite Christmas books and arrange them under my tree. Most are still in print and available, although I will admit that I have preferred editions (and illustrators) for certain tales. The collection is led by A Christmas Carol by Mr. Dickens (with Trina Schart Hyman'...
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"It's fun," insisted fellow writer Nathan Crowder so I signed up for my first NaNoWriMo. This month, I'm already committed to doing a short story for Crowder's Cobalt City Christmas Carol chapbook (try saying that three times fast!). Also I'm expecting the revisions for my story...
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L. Frank Baum's original fourteen Oz novels create an imaginary world filled with fantastical creatures and pragmatic little girls. While W.W. Denslow brought an Arts-and-Crafts sensibility to the original Wizard of Oz, the more graceful art of John R. Neill created the "look of Oz"...
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Matt James has created a "perpetual interview" with the authors and game designers who play in the Forgotten Realms. Got a question for the Realms' creator Ed Greenwood? Or for me about writing for Wizards? Just follow Matt's directions and your question will be mailed to the author of...
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The reviews are starting to arrive for City of the Dead and they are just plain fun or even funny. Which is good, as the book was meant to be a romp.  Another kind reader sent me a note just today that he had to kick his wife out of the bedroom last night.  She'd borrowed his copy of City...
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I felt terrible, but I wrote a rejection letter last night.  This nice writer sent me a wonderful query about a nonfiction book idea. Only problem: I'm not a publisher. I am the web editor for Book Publishers Northwest, a group of Washington state book publishers.  The writer got my e-mail from...
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I have resisted Twitter. After all, I own a cell phone that just makes phone calls. No camera, no texting, no nothing but incoming and outgoing calls (if I remember to turn it on). So Twitter lacked appeal.  Until I started a theater column at Examiner.com and realized that some bits and pieces of...
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