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The joys of collaboration, or the jazz of writing in other people's worlds
At the start of 2010, this project led me to spend hours in bookstores with a terrific group of writers.
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In 2009, my theme here was the "secret handshake" of becoming published (doesn't exist, never did, everyone's path is different). In 2010, I embraced the e-book and e-reader (ending up with two devices by the end of December, much to my surprise)

So 2011 is here and it's time for a new theme. The last year turned into a series of short story sales, which led to group readings around town, and much discussion of the whizz-bang fun of writing. At least I find it fun. I've never been a big believer in tortured artist.

And the best time that I've had lately is being able to play around in somebody else's world. I've decided that it is the same appeal as playing jazz.  Somebody starts a theme, somebody else plays a few other notes, and suddenly you're winging it, riffing off another's idea and turning it into your own story. 

Do it with the right people and it can be huge fun. Right now I've got a couple of projects like this that I can't discuss (contracts flying through the mail, dates of publications being set) and a couple that I can. Over the next few months, I'll try to be less cryptic and let you into the fun of collaboration. 

So, here we go, sliding into a new year full of possibilities. Hope your writing takes you on every adventure that you want!