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During a yesterday's press conference, a large and glowing Winnie-the-Pooh can be seen behind Steve Jobs as he announced that Apple's ebook reader app for the iPad was now available for the iPhone. Since launching the  iPad, Apple has been stalking the book market as aggressively as the music market.

According to a number of sources, Apple has managed to sell over 5 million books. Which works out to approximately 2.5 books sold per iPad. In the same time period, I bought three times that many print books and checked out more than a dozen e-books from my local library.

Still, in the last 24 hours, a number of pundits proclaimed Apple's devices as the killer of the single-use ereader, like Kindle or my own Sony. But I'm not ready to hand in my handy little portable bookcase. 

Books will continue in multiple forms, just as music publishing has. You can still buy new works on vinyl if you so prefer your tunes, or you can download your music or slip a CD into a player. I even have a few faves on cassette tape.

And it appears that the number of devices allowing you to view those ebooks will continue to expand.  If you need a device with multiple uses, than the iPad may suit your tastes. However, if you have already invested in another type of ereader, you can still find plenty of epubs to fill it up.

E-publishing is not an episode of Highlander. There does not have to be only one.