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The announcement this week that Sony is shutting down its Reader Store and essentially abandoning its Reader Device should come as no surprise to anyone who has cruised through a Sony store lately. If you ask about the Reader there, you'll probably be met with a blank stare or a pitch for a 3D TV (...
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As an American author with a slightly nomadic upbringing (my parents detoured from Seattle to Scotland in my grade school years), my formative "children's adventure" years were spent in a tiny town in Scotland where the public library had exactly one shelf of children's books. I'd brought some Oz...
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Dragon Moon released this anthology in the fall, with one of my stories.
Writing, I've decided this year, is like farming. You plant those words and eventually they sprout into published stories or books. Periodically, you have a very good harvest, several things coming out at the same time. Other times, the equivalent of a drought or a hurricane strikes your fields and...
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Many writers, myself included, tend to scrapbook ideas. Pictures out of magazine, photos of people and places, or just doodles to inspire us later, remind us of possiblities, or just work out how a particular place or person might appear. Lately I've been playing with Pinterest to build just such...
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I'm currently participating in a book club reading of City of the Dead over at the Wizards of the Coast forums. Which led to a query on how I got started writing in this shared world. So here's the answer for anyone who is contemplating jumping into a shared world or collaborative project. How I...
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Every year, I pick a theme for this Red Room blog. Last year, it was playing in shared worlds or collaborative writing. This year, I'm going to be a bit more eclectic and post stuff I've learned from other writers, editors, artists, and more. For more than a decade, I've been writing columns on the...
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Cold Steel & Secrets
Back in the spring, Wizards of the Coast asked me to write a true cliffhanger: a four-part serial where every part ends with the hero in more trouble than the last part. Because of my love of old movies, radio dramas, and pulp fiction, I jumped at the chance. So, starting today, you can join...
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Theme anthologies always present an interesting challenge. Do you create something brand new to fit the editor's requirements? Do you go rummaging around in the files for something old to see if it fits? For my story in When The Hero Comes Home, I started out thinking about something completely...
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At a local writing conference this spring, one presenter talked about how she decide to break into science fiction and fantasy by sending out shorts or flash fiction to every market that she could find. She sold several hundred stories in a couple of years and is, indeed, beginning to get name...
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Steven E. Schend is the latest editor/author to ask me to contribute to a shared world. There's some great names associated with this project, including the legendary Ed Greenwood. I'm intrigued about the idea of writing about a fantastical world where secrets can be more powerful than dragons....
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One of the more outrageous shared world propositions in my computer goes under the current moniker of Fluffy Bunny Deathworld (look for the hashtag #fluffybunnydeathworld on Twitter to see early discussions of this project). The whole thing started out as a proposal that any shared world could...
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As part of a collective of authors exploring a superhero world, you might expect my fiction to be stuffed full of men in masks and super-powered villains. Sometimes it is. Sometimes, as with the recent publication of Location, Location, Location, it isn't. For Location, which is a free fictional...
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A friend and fellow writer of shared world fiction recently got upset by a online slanging match, where his novels, and the work of all shared fiction writers, were called potboilers. The intimation in the original criticism was that shared world novels would never reach the level of great fantasy...
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In 2009, my theme here was the "secret handshake" of becoming published (doesn't exist, never did, everyone's path is different). In 2010, I embraced the e-book and e-reader (ending up with two devices by the end of December, much to my surprise) So 2011 is here and it's time for a new...
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Even as Bloomberg and PW released reports about the rise of Kindle, and an editor who shall remain nameless continued to tweet "I don't believe it," I joined the masses who can now have Kindle in their home. It was a very unexpected but welcome Christmas gift from a relative who has been...
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