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Tofu Ling
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Susan Lundberg
American Library Association's Newbery-Caldecott Committee member

As a librarian and two year member of the American Library Association's Newbery-Caldecott Committee, I was instantly drawn to the spinning movement and characterizations of "Tofu Ling", written by Rosanna Porter and illustrated by Lynda Porter. It is the embodiment of the values our committee tried to find together in a children's book.

I found this book memorable in the rythmic unfolding of a strong story line progressed beautifully by the imaginative, fantasized images. On all levels, the imagery has strength of endurance. It springs to life with the flowing sweeps that draw us forward. There is a constant thread of identification with a creature that seemingly goes through life unnoticed. Tofu pulls us on many levels. We identify with him as he realizes that in the long run we must have both work and imagination in our lives.

I am inspired to note the quality of writer and illustrator who have ventured forth to keep or imagination alive.