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Bellingham Herald Newspaper Article:
Tofu Ling Sets Sail is available locally at Launching Success Learning Store and Village Books. In Anacortes, they are available at Donatello's and Watermark Book Company.
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Author Rosanna Porter tells the story of her book, "Tofu LingSets Sail" with her puppet, Dragon.

The following is the newspaper article for my latest event.

BELLINGHAM - As a dragon emerged from the blue waves before them, a group of Happy Valley third-graders broke into a measured scream.The students weren't at risk of losing life or limb. The sea was in a classroom, and the dragon was a puppet, but it didn't make it any less fun for the children to scream along.The third-graders provided sound effects and sang as students from Western Washington University acted out scenes from the book "Tofu Ling Sets Sail." The WWU students are elementary education majors in professor Gaye Green's arts methodology course, and the performance is part of the art education department's Bringing Books to Life program. ·       The author, Rosanna Porter, told the tale of the sea-fairing adventures of a mouse named Tofu as the WWU students acted out the story in masks and with props. "It was really cool," said third-grader Jack Miller. "It was sometimes funny. My favorite character was the dragon."For Porter, who lives in Bellingham and travels throughout the country doing activities with her books, events like this are what writing children's books is all about."To see children excited about what you wrote is the biggest compliment," she said. "When the kids come in and they're excited, that's the biggest award you could get. It really energizes me. That is the ultimate."This is the fourth book in Porter's Tofu Ling series, and it teaches lessons about friendship. It's a topic Porter discussed with students as she answered their questions after the play. After the event ended, the third-graders ran around the room getting autographs from the WWU students who might someday be their teachers."I love it, mostly because we have the opportunity to bring a book alive," said Maria Guzman, an elementary education student who was a seal in the play. "The story is so much more vibrant when it's played out, and I love acting silly."The play provided the students with a chance to get involved in the story and to see the settings of the book come to life. Any time Porter used the word "sea," they would say "swish, swish," making waves with their hands. When she talked about seals, the students would bark. They'd scream - but not too loud - when the dragon showed up.

"I thought it was good," said student Larsen Imus, noting that her favorite characters were the fuzzy seals. "Sometimes when I read a book, I imagine it in my head. This was like imagining the book in my head."

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