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Jan 2012

I'm interested in Red Room because I am a new writer who would like to meet others in the field.

My new book, My Healing Heart, is the story of my life. The book takes us all on an incredible journey from a difficult childhood, to adventures in distant lands, romantic escapades, and the heart-wrenching loss of a small child.

In the book I share valuable spiritual lessons learned through studying and applying the principles of the famous psychic, Edgar Cayce. I tell how I turned to these teachings for strength when faced with life's most difficult challenges in recent years. The end result was my empowerment and healing.

I share incredible stories about my travels during my twenty-six-year career in the US Foreign Service, where I taught English to Polish immigrants in Austria, and worked for the Narcotics Section of the US Embassy in Colombia.

My passion is to help others create a life filled with love and to help them heal their own hearts.

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