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Choking on the Kool-Aid

I served in Vietnam. When I was there all of the Vietnamese people, except for the very few that personally profited from our presence, hated our guts, even those whose "freedom" we claimed to be protecting that were "supposed" to be on our side. They hated us for the very simple reason that we were an occupying force.

After the disastrous blood letting of Vietnam ended I was told by our government that we could all draw comfort in defeat from the fact that our nation had at least "learned a lesson," and that as a nation we would never again get involved in trying to force our will and our life style and our form of government down the throats of folks on the other side of the world who really didn't welcome our interference. I think we as a nation have forgotten our lesson.

I don't see any difference between our fisaco in Vietnam and this current fiasco. The people don't want us there. The longer we stir the pot the worse it gets. When your behaviour as an occupying force makes people look back longingly at the days of Sadam Hussein, then you have not accomplished much, and that is exactly where we seem to me to be in this effort, people are looking back longingly at the days of Sadam's rule, when at least there was peace and order and much less killing and maiming.


It is time to get aboard the airplanes and come home. We have spilled enough blood and done enough destruction. Regime change and forced westernization of Asia don't work. That is once again our lesson, let us try to remember it this time. 

Ron Nesler.....I am choking on the Kool-Aid.Does that make me a "bad" American?

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you are so right! wars are never the answer!WE never seem to learn from history.ANd why do we need to impose our form of government on those who dont want it/ I think the simple answer here is control of the oil region! to me its not worth it.WE need to instead use the money we are aquandering in these two wars on developing alaternative energy sources so that we wont be so dependent on oil. I thought that was where we were headed but there doesn't seem to be much progress being made in that area!