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I often hear uneducated, poorly informed people saying that the civil war was over a long time ago, and that Black Americans should "get over" slavery, forget the past and go on with their lives.   The truth is, that everyone in America, every last one of us, regardless of race or skin...
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The largest bureaucracy in our US government is the Department of Defense or DOD. The second largest bureaucracy in our government is the US Department of Veteran Affairs which is actually a wholely owned subsidiary of the DOD. These two bureaucracies are where the tax money goes in America....
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Hello, Tea Party? This is America calling to touch base. I just wanted to tell you that I am on your side about cutting spending and reducing the deficit. I get it, we are all going to go down the tubes, if we don't do something pretty quick. I am with you on that. But, we need to talk. I have...
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I recently read an article here -->  http://www.vawatchdog.org/ about employees of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (V.A.) stealing from the V.A., and therefore also stealing from war veterans. That caused me to have what my therapist refers to as anger management problems, and what my...
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"100 Years Ago (1909)  OWENSBORO, Ky. — Twenty-five girls in the bottling department of the Glenmore distillery walked out Saturday afternoon and refuse to return to work because Steve Poole, a Negro, has been appointed government storekeeper. It is expected that the owners of the distillery...
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I served in Vietnam. When I was there all of the Vietnamese people, except for the very few that personally profited from our presence, hated our guts, even those whose "freedom" we claimed to be protecting that were "supposed" to be on our side. They hated us for the very...
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Here in Indiana where we now live, where one would expect bitter winter weather at this time of year, a week after Thanksgiving , it is warm and spring like and our Irises are putting forth blooms, but meanwhile, from Las Cruces, New Mexico, deep in the normally sunny southwestern US where we...
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My youth, my young adulthood, my maturity, and even the beginning of my old age were all lost to me in a maddening rush of self imposed safety-isolation, because I was deceived, for all that time, that my "I" was an internal kernal of being, that must be stoicially protected and...
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New Harmony, Indiana's town clock by Vicky Lyne Quintana
My intended blog entry about the 200 or so large size bars of bath soap, stacked neatly in my hall closet, is unable to escape the birth canal between my right brain and this nearly impenetrable keyboard, which stares back at me so coldly and silently. I want to write the bath soap blog, I...
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 I should not be allowed by my tenders to rise so early and read the news. It makes me want to swallow Drano. I have just read that a vibrant,  hardworking, ninety year old holocaust surviver, who lived through internment in Mauthausen, Ebensee and Auschwitz concentration camps, who five times had...
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Ducks Redux....... by Suzanne Nesler
I woke up this morning with several ideas that I wanted to get down on paper. All but one escaped before my coffee was made. But the one that stuck with me, and whose entry into my thoughts I owe to Suzanne's gentle sheparding, is the concept of thinking in bite size pieces. It makes so much...
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A natural chicken
I obtain wonderful farm eggs from a childhood friend, whose chickens run absolutely a muck in splendid chaos, and consume bugs and weed seeds and "things", (You really do not want an itemization of "things". Trust me on that.) as proper chickens should do, and they (the eggs)...
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Ron and Honey Sue selecting a melon
I removed alcohol from my diet in 1984. I had become more health conscious, and the booze was causing me a few little problems, like day long black outs of memory and the "shakes" and delirium tremors and other minor stuff like that. So, in the interest of better health, I became an...
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   Composed 15 July 2009 at ~ 8:30 PM local time .. New Harmony Watch.COM I just remembered a little bit ago, about 8:00 PM, to check my phone messages. One of the messages I had on my machine was from the fellow who owns the rather large business, whose advertising account the Tea Party set...
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Dave Pearce has announced  in a half page editorial in his newspaper today that he will not publish my opinion columns. I had guessed as much two weeks ago, when Dave simply went silent on me after we had agreed to the terms of the arrangement between us. I knew that his silence meant that he had...
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