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Kalua Pig Ho’olehua Style – A Film About Molokai By My Son Brett

Here’s some news I’m proud of. My son Brett is currently documenting the old school ways of Molokai. He’s making a film about the life that Molokai locals value above all else….above money, above power, above acclaim, above self. This isn’t about any one individual, but the whole way of life. In this fast paced churn and burn world, places like Molokai are becoming more valued and cherished for their natural mystique and beauty.

If you ever have a chance to venture past the typical tourist trip throughout the more populated areas of Hawaii and step into the real Hawaii of Molokai please come to see us. But don’t expect phony smiles, leis, and surfboards with rental signs on them. This is a deeper Hawaii, proud Hawaiians happy to greet you with mutual respect. You also won’t get away with littering in the street, talking annoyingly loud or being annoying, rude or otherwise obnoxious. No, you will get “stink eye” and more for your naive behavior….brah!

So Brett is making this documentary film. The early rushes are great, so stay tuned for how to get the final version. Here’s a preview: