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You're the best!


I always thought you were just an old beach town in southern California, commonly known as "Surf City" Low and behold you are an amazing gate keeper at Redroom...Your gracious assistance for a technically stunted and impatient customer of Redroom and anything requiring patience or diligence is greatly appreciated.

You successfully manhandled my credit card issue's for renewal of my over due account, I know...first grade level stuff, just couldn't seem to figure it out. Duh!

Then, organizing the loading of my book, again pretty straight forward directions...fourth grade level, still hacked up that process, all done with the calm and eagerness of an enchanting Genie in a bottle...my wishes appeared before my eye's...

Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

These are the fundamental attributes that make the difference in my mind as a procurer of startup and entrepreneurial causes...I love it when people get it!    Redroom, Huntington, you clearly get it!  Thank you again!