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On your mark!

Get set!  BANG!

 Ah! hm....no...Ah    yeah  no ahhh!

Off to the races so to speak. Thus the beginning of a purge of mental wherewithal spewed uncensored onto the door step of REDROOM. All system's indicators are lit, all cylinders are firing, revs are surging between 6,000 rpm's and red. Red, red, red, yellow,,,,,,GREEN!  Eerrrrrrrrrrhhhh! 

Can't help but get excited when the juice is actually flowing. Things are popping in to my mind so fast I'm struggling to figure out which ones to quickly snag and pull down into print. That looks good-boom, got em. This seems relevant,c'mer. Oh,how about that-umph, git over here..

So far I think the most impressive writings I have read over the past two days, here at REDROOM, all have to do with internal search. Seeking out the meaning of events, decisions, actions, reactions,inaction's and seised or lost opportunities have together charted a course deep through the darkness. Sensible or senseless, pure or not, genuine or ulterior, undisclosed or bare to the bone. Not a single emotion has been left untouched through the blogs of late. Like a healing conversation each revelation prompts the next to burrow deeper before emerging with yet an even more provocative twist at the meaning of human nature. How meaningful is the forum that purges genuine unbridled honesty? How beneficial can this swirling ball of gainful participation be to it's participants?

I'm not a Psychologist but I can honestly say, from my layman point of view, the views and insights I have been blessed to read these past couple of days has been nothing short of thought provoking, not to mention-therapeutic. Everyone has been there. Everyone has struggled with that tough question. That, in some cases, life or death question. All, in some form or fashion, have been faced with a choice to act or not. That choice quite possibly allowing a life to go on or at least be better or worse off. Revealing these answers and actions for one and all to latch, gawk or emirs themselves into, I haven't witnessed anywhere else. But then I'm not a big blogger.

The views and discussions have not just been personal as with the blogs related to the World at large. Is this not the absolute meaning of turmoil. As with one of my previous blogs "Jesus Coming Soon" is this not the opportune time to get a little guidance if not a full blown "Rapture" I remember Viet Nam, though vaguely, I remember the JonesTown Kool-Aide  massacre,Bosnia, Darfur, the Oklahoma bombing, 9/11, Katrina. Nothing seems to come close to the fault line cracking through our global place of residence at this very moment in time. Both natural and man made catastrophe are surging together like the perfect storm.  

No, no one is coming. You know that as well as I do. Who's coming is our own dogged dependence on ourselves. Our deep ingrained innate program that simply notches up the tolerance level, elevates the logic level and open's the flood gates of critical thinking. Things are not great during this later stage of the re-recession but we have learned to live with less. Appalled at the corny cartoon like dictator middle finger rants at the world, they are finally meeting up with their destiny-and it aint 60 or 79 virgins! The sad apocalyptic human toll and misery meted out on the Japanese people by an absolute time bomb of a natural disaster is devastating, even from a distant flat screen. I don't think anyone can put into words what this one catastrophe has done to bend the imagination on the far side of death and destruction. I feel for them deeply.

Hope, yeah, I hope the sun comes back out!