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"Tarred and feathered", "rode hard and put up wet", "hung out to dry". What is it about our culture that makes us fight so hard for something only to drive it into oblivion? Freedom of speech is just one of the freedoms that a venture to a new world, a revolution and civil war paid dearly as duty for a better place to live. Untold lives lost.Sacrifices unimaginable to common day men and women. All made for this intangible seemingly elusive thing called freedom-freedom of speech.No doubt, nothing more worthy to fight for than the right to "speak your peace" call out injustices when you see them, assemble to voice outrages at wrongs committed against one and all. To speak freely and be heard for good or bad is as much a part of the American heritage as Apple Pie. Then why is it that we have felt the need to rip it apart at the seems?, use it as a banner for wayward ends?, create scorn and angst among adversaries who should seemingly be rooting from the same bleachers?.

Oh, I'm a bit misguided with my questions regarding our revered right to protest inequities doled out to the left and the right, am I. Has any one noticed that there is no bigger trigger or buzz word that gets both sides up in a lather than the freedom issue. Our best ambulance chasers are out in force in search of criminals besmirching our rights with Christmas cheer and Easter Bunnies. Submarined careers by the plenty for those who may have signed a rally petition led by an alleged inciter of disenfranchisement-whatever that means. Hiding behind the first Amendment as if it holds an emblem on a sacred shield leading the charge against the dark-side as if another Crusade is necessary in this time and day. Please don't make me call out examples, we see and hear it daily on our airwaves, WIFI"S, high speed this and thats and our beloved televisions. If I had a dime for each accusation shot across the bow I'd have more money than, no not Beck, no not Mathews, certainly not O'Rielly, well maybe a local news guy. The point is, haven't we pulled down our idea of freedom enough? Can we actually possess those deep surging emotions that draw one and all to a common cause? Is it possible to win back our origins of right versus wrong? 

 No, your right, we the people of this consume all at any cost experiment that we concocted have a tendency to  bicker about meaningless ambiguities. Worse, we like to use these big things-First Amendment- to further our own cause, which means pocket books these days. Personally, I think all of us need to listen to the likes of another blogger  Mary Barton Wilcox at this REDROOM site who couldn't have couched the concept better with the following phrase "All freedoms are attached "by the hip"with responsibilities. What has happened to that notion of responsibility? where did it go? why is it gone? 

I for one do not have the answers to those questions. What I do have is a longing to see rulers of our great country govern and protect our freedoms with the same unselfish ideals and commitment that our founding fathers possessed.