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Enjoying Feedback About the Book: Wrong Side of the Tracks

I’m thrilled to see that Wrong Side of the Tracks is for sale all over now through my web site and Amazon, both as an eBook and paperback. “So do you feel like an author now?” everyone I know is asking me. Well…Yes, I do. And …Yes, feel pretty darn good! I’m not getting any invites to cry on Oprah or dance on Ellen but I’ve stimulated some pretty interesting discussion amongst friends and family and people I’ve never met.

So many people are identifying with the book because they too have been in difficult situations growing up. One reader wrote me about how weird it was to get in trouble in high school while growing up under communist rule under Franco in Spain. No one was allowed to show interest in girls or date…what Spaniard could stay out of trouble in those circumstances? Or having so much pressure to get good grades that you would feel compelled to climb the highest bridge in Australia in order to quail the voices of disapproval in your own mind. Or comments of the simple pain of having to endure unending conflict or a completely disconnected upbringing. I think everyone has a story. That’s why I have always felt that the story I’ve told in Wrong Side of the Tracks is so important to tell.